What we Deliver:

Providing professional HR staffing services to all types of organisations, from startups to globally established brands. Our core solution is to provide professional outsourced staff to companies in the UAE to meet short, medium or long term needs. We play an integral part in ensuring that your workforce thrives and delivers to its full potential throughout the complete employment lifecycle.

Having a large outsourced workforce supported by one or multiple suppliers can be challenging. We recommend having the workforce solutions team on site to ensure smooth operations for your staffing program. Our joint approach to embed our staff on site ensures operational effectiveness and provides additional support to your team instantly.

Providing extensive recruitment solutions in UAE to attract and deploy skilled professionals for short and long-term requirements. Suitable for periods of emergency cover, seasonal spikes and critical project based deliverables.

Our PRO Services team are experts in managing personal and professional government services such as family residency sponsorship, maid sponsorship, embassy and consulate activities, attestations and renewals. In addition to this, our concierge services can provide highly personalised relocation assistance to personnel who are moving to the UAE for the first time. Our solutions also enable locally sourced talent to transition to their new career without any headaches or challenges.

Using an expert HRMS platform combined with a highly experience team of multinational managers, we can completely outsource your payroll function across the GCC Region. Our solutions are compliant with local labour laws and we guarantee that staff are paid on time and correctly. Our unique and exclusive workforce solutions enable organisations to scale up and mobilise a workforce fast. We ensure the onboarding experience for an employee is fast and seamless.

Our temping solutions provide the right talent to cover the fluctuations in your employee requirements; we manage a pool of immediately available resources within administration, HR, shared services, contact center, retail and sales. Our comprehensive solutions can quickly meet your needs in times of emergency cover, project spikes or unforeseeable circumstances.

The UAE’s leading provider of unique and innovative HR outsourcing solutions.

We alleviate the HR challenges your business faces while remaining compliant with local labor laws and employment regulations. Our in-depth local knowledge, expertise and mature processes enables us to deliver solutions quickly and cost effectively to each of our clients with uncompromising quality.

Our Approach

Our full end-to-end outsourced staffing solution allows Bab Al Shams to deliver the right talent, in the quickest time while managing non-core HR functions of your organisation. Bab Al Shams alleviates challenges associated with talent sourcing, legal rights to work, mobilisation, deployment of staff and employee welfare. Our tailored approach provides peace of mind to organisations and employees through efficient processes, technology and dedicated service delivery teams.